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The “Treasuring Rotto Project” involves a partnership with the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA), ‘directorship’ of Woods Bagot (Industry) and Mosaic Studios (School of Design and the Built Environment, Curtin University) in developing the “Re-Activating Rottnest” proposal. Mosaic Studios has prepared a proposal that explores enhancing existing experiences on the island as a way to provide for the future.


Woods Bagot provided insight into industry-oriented knowledge in terms of architectural design, master planning and the logistics of creating a design tender document. Through the partnership with Woods Bagot, Mosaic Studios has been able to consider beyond design and architecture when formulating the proposal in terms of feasibility and life-cycle considerations.


Working with the Woods Bagot team has not only allowed us to learn, collaborate and further our experience but it has also been an extremely beneficial opportunity to build a rapport with industry. The experience with Andrew and his team has allowed us to understand aspects of architecture that are beyond schooling and will remain an integral part of our learning. 



Woods Bagot is a global architecture and design studio that continually expands and challenges the expectations of multidisciplinary architectural practice in a shifting, fast-moving digital era. Its portfolio is worldwide in scope, diverse in scale and discipline, and encompasses some of the highest-profile projects currently underway in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. With over 850 employees dispersed throughout 15 studios, the global studio consistently imbues its oeuvre with a rigorous vocabulary that references urban and regional context, ecological and social sustainability, and innovation. The firm’s work is further defined by its clarity of narrative and the extensive use of state-of-the-art analytics as a platform for design. Above all, Woods Bagot prioritizes human experience and delivers engaging, future-oriented projects for its clients (cited from Woods Bagot Linked In Description)

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